From the President

We are pleased and glad you are here to learn more about God’s word and about our school. You are an answer to prayer! We pray for the Lord to send us those he desires to be a part of the most exciting adventure of growing strong in the faith and the word. We take seriously your desire to serve the Lord God with all your heart, soul, and strength. Our heart’s desire is to partner with God in providing strong pathways to Biblical wisdom and proficiency in order to fulfill the Great Commission. CMM College of Theology is reaching the world with the Father’s love, the living Word-Jesus, and led by the Holy Spirit to transform lives and nations. We also offer accredited degrees through our online classes worldwide.CMM College of Theology is an interdenominational ministry equipping many nations with the love of God through Jesus Christ. CMM College of Theology is founded to provide a solid foundation in God’s word, mixed with faith.

Beginning our eighth year, we are excited to be bringing solid Biblical principles to leaders and individuals who serve in ministry, the arts, education, business, government, etc. by knowing the Living Word-Jesus Christ, as Lord and Savior. We offer quality, anointed, and spirit led, theological training by our professionally trained staff that will help you fulfill the destiny the Lord designed for you from before time began.

The Bible says, “My sheep know my voice…” in John 10:27. It will become increasingly critical for us to know the voice of the Shepherd speaking through the Holy Spirit, and His word, which always confirms what the Spirit speaks. When Jesus was in the wilderness, he was tempted by satan in all things. Standing on the written, living word Jesus was able to resist the devil. In John 1:1, we read, “In the beginning was the Word and the Word was with God and the Word was God.” This Word that is alive mixed with faith is what can take us into our promised land. In Hebrews 3 & 4, we learn that the Jews coming out of Egypt did not enter their promised land because they did not have faith mixed with the Word.

At CMM College of Theology, our desire is that students will learn to live in awe of the majesty and sovereignty of God and the love that God has for us through Jesus Christ, our savior. This love which is beyond our understanding. This living word which is so alive it is able to pierce the hardest of hearts. As students succeed in their depth of understanding of the word of God they will see the increasing opportunities before them to transform society in their own nation, and culture, or even in the nations of the earth.

Students have the opportunity to study at our beautiful campus in Fort Mill, SC or online and by correspondence from around the globe. Students will receive practical help, advice, and guidance from our teachers who have earned their accredited degrees and students will engage their faith and knowledge of the word into practical study lessons, internships, serving in local congregations, and direct impact with their assigned professor.

Students will experience the joy of growing in their understanding and knowledge of the Bible and gaining clarity and direction from the Holy Spirit. Students will enjoy learning from anointed prophetic impartation and instruction by staff teachers as well as from well-known guest speakers and authors.

You have a God-given destiny ahead of you. Go forth, strong in the Word, strong in faith, and strong in the power of the Holy Spirit. We look forward to your advancing education and completion of purpose in your life. We are blessed you are considering being a part of the most exciting adventure of all: a life of faith, study, and obeying God.

Dr. Jorge Parrott, President