CMM Theology Global Dean
Nancy G Daniel, BA, Th.M., D.Min., Th.D., Ph.D.,
is dedicated to building believers– that they may know the fullness of God’s love, be led by the Spirit, and find their way in the Kingdom as they discover who they are and the exceeding greatness of His power that brings the beloved into full maturity for the harvest.

“From the head to the heart and into the world”!

As a single parent, Nancy raised two daughters, Susan and Kristen, and now is blessed with five grandchildren.

In the 90’s Nancy opened her home to teens and developed major home cells throughout her town in different churches. She taught both Bible and prophetic after developing her own content for the lessons. She and her family carried the revival fire from Brownsville into these cells and experienced miracles, seeing many saved, healed, and delivered. She went on to minister to the drug culture and outcasts and witnessed the transformation in their lives.

Nancy connected with Correll Missionary Ministries as the Correll family led this ministry. Later as Jorge and Anna Parrott stepped up to lead CMM, Nancy joined to help them. Nancy Daniel, Ph.D., currently works as a synergist and Communication Director for CMM.

Believing in acquiring God’s heart and strategy, Nancy inquired of the Lord to develop content and accreditation for MorningStar University where she served as Dean.

She has been the dean of the CMM College of Theology for more than 16 years, and she is developing content and accreditation for CMM Global Schools.

At CMM Theology, the Lord has provided a powerful setup for the learning experience as we are a part of CM Missions. A combination of people groups, including different cultures and those from other streams of Christian thought, come to our classes. Our discussion table is a “friendship learning” model that provides a more profound revelation of the Christian worldview. Greater critical thinking skills are also developed. Transformation is the goal as we press into greater intimacy with the Lord through the revealed Word to discover foundational Truth and life application. Each student is encouraged to dig their own wells of revelation to become fruitful and kingdom-minded, loving God and loving our neighbor.