CMM graduates sent to the harvest

By Nancy G Daniel

When my daughter was five she asked me, “Mommy, did you ever get so filled with God you had to tell some about Him?”

At the time I did not totally understand what she was asking me. Now I understand that each of us has our own expression when we are overcome and filled by the Spirit of God. I am seeing this in our classes and I am compelled to share what is happening. Our students are getting so filled that they just want to pour out. We are calling it Fast Track. This is because we have seen the need for the persecuted and unchurched people groups for fast, intentional, and directed workshop-type courses. This is created to train leaders who may not be alive next year. These leaders need more equipping and training so that they might infiltrate their nation for the glory of God. This is not a program. We have great material but it is not about the material, it is about the people and their needs and directed by the Spirit of God.

A team of eight just came back from Taiwan where we conducted four conferences in ten days. I was there to make a connection on behalf of CMM and CMM Theology School as well as to see our newly developed Fast Track team launch deeper into their destiny. Currently, the Fast Track is made up of a mature group of graduates from CMM Theology School. They are also pastors who have traveled into several nations on their own with awesome testimonies to share. What made this different was that during the last school year, as we said above, Holy Spirit filled them up and created such a hunger to pour out that if they did not go, the rocks would cry out.

CMM’s founder Sidney Correll would say, “The world is our parish.” This team of pastors understands on a deep level what this means, and they were able to flow beautifully together to make the world their parish. No matter the size of the meeting it became a local church and God moved mightily.

We split into two teams to cover more territory. Everywhere each team went ministry leaders would comment how powerful it was that we were able to work together beautifully. At the last place we visited, they said we released unity into their church. Holy Spirit amazed all of us.

I love teamwork. I have raised my family with this in mind, and many who have been through my previous ministry still call each other a team.

Jorge Parrott, CM Missions director who led the trip, requested that we minister as a team. I so wanted to learn how to work the way he was seeing it. I am not sure we accomplished all he had envisioned. However, what happened was a beautiful picture of Holy Spirit when individuals are willing.

Our team only had three people in it. I believe that each of the individuals could hold their own crusades and it would be powerful. But as a team, we listened to Holy Spirit and watched to see who was to speak and in what order. This is not a place for insecurities or ego. In the end, God did it all, and we had the opportunity to participate with Him.

Each place we traveled, we broke open wells and then moved on.

Jorge had powerful prophetic words that opened locked doors of the heart. If you listened with your flesh, you would have missed it. He had powerful words of the Spirit. It is easy to see why God sends him around the world.

After Jorge spoke in some places, I could see that faith was missing. Many were being fed but it felt that few were engaging their faith. Unforgiveness and abuse were also hot topics Holy Spirit gave me to kick open some of the doors.

Then Shelly Pifer, one of our team members, did what only Shelly could do. She stepped into what we had stirred up and activated the people. In each place, she called them to live and released them in such a powerful way. Shelly has a powerful pastoral gift that operates when she ministers. The people feel connected even though they never met her. It was amazing. After Shelly finished, the people were wrecked.

Perhaps the most powerful part of the whole journey for me personally was the last conference. I could not see how God would open this well. We planned and we strategized. In the end, God just did it, but not what we said, did, or prayed. He did a sovereign act on our behalf. They received and it opened. My lesson, just shows up and watch. He is more than able and none of this is about us. We just get to join Him.

Apart from the conferences, I was honored to meet powerful men and women in business, government, and education. We visited Tabernacle of David Ministry and had a powerful time of ministry. One of our teams was able to spend more time there and was invited back for a conference.

Traveling with this team was as powerful as our ministry time. Everywhere they went they pastored each other and the people they met. They were always on and ready to love—this is their lifestyle. I am honored to be on any part of this journey with them. This is a powerful testimony to their lives. This team is the real deal.

I am so grateful to Jorge Parrott for making a way for this incredible team of powerful pastors to come together and see God move. I am also grateful for our former CMM graduate, Doris Cho, for opening the door to so many hungry people. Finally, I am grateful and honored that the Lord of Glory would include me in the mix.