Do you need help increasing your basic English conversational proficiency, while developing your reading, writing and listening skills? 

English as a Second Language (ESL)

CMM Theology School is launching a new course in English for nonnative speakers. This course is designed to help students improve their spoken and written English, whilst increasing their listening skills. This course is presented in small group lessons with 2-hour live interactive online classes from the comfort of your home. This course includes basic skills development (phonics instruction, pronunciation, listening, reading and writing, speaking), as well as grammar. Students will have the opportunity to engage in relaxed activities with one other to promote conversational competence.

Classes start in October and $200 gets you started! We will be meeting twice a week for two hours at a time for 25 weeks.

Student Fee:  $200 per month per student.  

Week Days: Tuesdays and Thursday evenings 6-8pm

  • October 14, 17 ,21, 24, 29, 31  (6 classes)
  • November  5,7,12,14,19,21  (6 classes)
  • December  3,5,10,12,17   (5 classes)
  • January  7,9,14,16,21,23,28,30 (8 classes)

You can make a payment.

    Please let us know if you are interested in ESL