Change of Heart

by Colby Willison

I was initially excited for the trip because I was able to step foot on land that has been both used mightily by the enemy and used mightily by God.   A land that carries with it a legacy of Ludwig Zinzindorf who harbored persecuted Christians (Moravians) and then sent them out as some of the first Christian missionaries touching the likes of Charles and John Wesley,  Martin Luther who reformed a dead and dying Church and Dietrich Bonhoeffer who modeled a remnant Church standing against Hitler (a type of the anti-christ).

On the other hand I had some fear and doubt about our mission there which was specifically to the refugees mainly from the Middle East. I have to admit I was hard-hearted concerning this with the thought that these people were coming in and not only looking for a free ride but that many had ties to ISIS and the Taliban. What I found was that God softened my heart as I talked to many Muslims who were escaping the same persecution many Christians are escaping as well.

These are mostly younger men who are unwilling to fight with Isis and the Taliban so they were left with no other choice but to flee persecution. They had some of the same anger and fear that we have with these radical groups. They left family and friends and had suffered much loss. Yet, they were extremely hospitable and I found myself having much love and respect for them as fellow human beings.

I also, found the beauty of a Christian Community in the bonding that was shared between us and the team ministering to those in the refugee camps. Their bravery, courage and faith in Jesus was inspiring. We laughed, we cried, we broke bread (plenty of it) and more than anything we Loved each other and the refugees with the Love of Christ.