The Cry of a Heart

By Fran Holden

As we landed in Dusseldorf, Germany, our hearts were uncertain.  Questions rang in my soul as to what the LORD may have our team and me do on this assignment.  Would we be able to love these refugees?  So much had been poured into us about them from incomplete propaganda.  Questions from family, friends, and the like had sounded the alarm about going to these people.  Little was we to know the next ten days held within it, the redeeming of time, so 100 days of work could be administered to these precious souls. 

As we hit the ground running at arrival. The LORD showed up and taught us how to openly show His love, and taught us a new way of reaching the people.  Laughter filled the air as Holy Spirit showed up. The little kid of each refugee came out as they played for the first time for so many of them.  As the love of the Father broke forth.  Questions dissolved and love broke out.  They played and a new series was started in their life.   God’s love. 

I looked at this from a retired nurse perspective making house calls, going to them instead of waiting for them to come to us. We loved them.  We loved them more and more each visit.  The love of our Father was shed abroad.  God’s heart was beating within.  He loved us and we loved them. 

While some had another agenda on their mind.  Most wanted this love.  Bonding took place of Holy Spirit.  We felt their heart cry.  They had lost everything to keep living for their family.  But love was missing, family was missing, heart matters were cut to the capacity their soul.  Their heart cried and we listened and we could feel their agony.  We bleed with them.  Most needed all the love we could mustard up.  But when God is in, it’s enough.  They needed to know someone else in this world loved them. 

Personally, I became a cracked nut.  My empty shell of this season had been cracked and I knew it.  All that I was or thought I was to be, emptied and Christ Jesus filled it up with Holy Spirit to make it right.  An empty vessel full of His love.  His love was shining through all that we were.  Nothing, was going to stop that.  But more dependence on the Lord for these refugee cried in our hearts as it cried out from their souls. 

I have never laughed so much, cried, sang, rejoiced so much and, loved so much –  the one I was unsure in my life had become brothers.  As we departed, my body shook as we left the scene. I was so ambivalent, my heart wept but my soul rejoiced as to what the Lord was doing for my new family in the Lord.

Please continue to lift these dear souls to the Lord.  These are family too! They need to feel your love. Let their heart’s cry reach you as you remember them through in your daily prayers.