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Giving and Scholarships

Holy Spirit illuminates Truth (Jn 14; Ps 119:46;) as we inquire, meditate, and obey, God enlarges in our lives; (Ps 1:7; Rom 10:17) We are transformed by the encounter (Rom 12:2; Cor 3:18)

Combining the Spirit and the Word in higher education, CMM College of Theology is dedicated to developing emerging leaders in many nations with strong knowledge and understanding of the living Word mixed with Faith. CMM maintains its standards of academic excellence through your private support and gifts. Thank you for joining others who share this vision and would like to become partners in advancing the mission of CMM College of Theology.

We host many of our missionaries and leaders when they are able to come to Fort Mill, SC for a time of refreshing, rest, and equipping. (There are many who cannot afford on their own to ever come here.)

 As an example, I had a pastor’s wife in Cuba call me and say, “Thank you for changing my husband’s life. He is a different man, coming backfilled with so much love and peace and clarity from the Lord. CMM’s team of ministry servant/leaders gave to him loving impartation will change his ministry and this nation.”We have had much feedback where some have even said their time with us has saved their ministries, their marriages, and some even say we saved their lives. What a blessing to know we can impart and share the lush downloads the Lord gives us freely here at CMM in such abundance. Please pray about sowing into this fund.

We are giving it away to our beloved pastors and missionaries from around the world so that they go home changed and transformed. Surely, God is at work in this ministry and many are being healed, delivered, and launched into the brightest season of their lives.

We have many missionaries in third world nations who have not been able to visit here yet. Will you pray about sowing into the Missions Scholarship Fund to help bring and house and feed missionaries and leaders hungry to draw closer to God? Please visit the Missions website at and give to the Scholarship fund as God leads. Thank you CMM Partners for your precious help and prayers. As David said, “Those who remain home with the baggage will receive the same reward as those on the front lines.”

CMM Theo New Campus Donation

Gifts to the CMM College of Theology, are extremely important. Your tax-deductible gifts can support the area of greatest need or scholarship for international or domestic students. Give now to support CMM College of Theology.

Philippians 4:17 exhorts us, “not that I seek the gift, but I seek the fruit that abounds to your account.”