CMM College of Theology Scholarships

We are so blessed to have been transformed by the love and grace of our Lord.  We know many deserving students and pastors who want to attend our CMM College of Theology but can not afford it., God is at work in this ministry and many are being healed, delivered, and launched into the brightest season of their lives.

We have many deserving students who have applied to our School and have supplied the required references of their pastors or employers.  We have applicants from the US and abroad who are praying for assistance and are so hungry for more of the Lord. Can we ask you to pray about sowing into the CMM College of Theology Scholarship Fund to help students and leaders hungry to draw closer to God? 

 As David said, “Those who remain home with the baggage will receive the same reward as those on the front lines.”

Philippians 4:17 exhorts us, “not that I seek the gift, but I seek the fruit that abounds to your account.”