Trauma to Trust Webinar

About the Event

Are you struggling with or know someone who is dealing with trauma? If so, join us for a two-day zoom webinar on overcoming trauma. Learn from those who live in freedom. They will share strategies, skills, testimonies, and powerful truths that will encourage and empower you to become an overcomer. We will briefly examine the physiological and psychological effects of trauma. We will discuss how one’s temperament affects how trauma is processed.

A certified Arno Temperament Instructor will share different temperaments. Understanding how temperament may affect how trauma is processed is important. Each participant will complete a 15-minute Arno Temperament Profile questionnaire. The questionnaire will be emailed once registration for the event is completed. Following the webinar, the Arno Instructor will email the participants the results from their Arno Temperament Questionnaire. Each participant will be given a one on one 30-minute session in the weeks following the webinar to discuss their temperament profile with the Arno Instructor. The cost of the questionnaire is included in the webinar fee.

The speakers come from a wide range of life experiences. Their varied presentations will facilitate personal and professional growth. The final session will be a time for questions and answers. All the presenters have a heart to set people free. Come and be prepared to be set free. It is a new day…where hope arises like the light of dawn.

March 31-April 1
Live Online

From Trauma to Trust
$99.00 Reserve your seat

Meet the Speakers

Dr Cindy and Dr Paul Johnson

Nancy Nichols

Phyllis and Robin Primrose


Friday 7-9

Dr.Cindy Johnson
What is trauma? Assessing levels of trauma (Psalm 139:14)

Robin and Phyllis Primrose
Testimonies of Restoration 


Dr. Cindy Johnson
Physiological and Psychological Components of Trauma

Dr. Paul Johnson
Dealing with trauma (Philippians 4:6-8)

Nancy Nichols
“Dirty Sneakers by the Washer”

  • Sharing the Vision
  • Sharing the Scriptures (Joshua 6 & 7)
  • What’s hiding in your heart

LUNCH 12-1

Dr. Cindy Johnson
Interventions CCBT, Neuroplasticity Trauma Informed Care(Romans 12:12)

Nancy Nichols
“Do you want to be well?”

  • Sharing the Scriptures (John 5)
  • Definition and Stages of a Crisis (Diagram)
  •  Speak Life:  Black Dog/White Dog Parable (if time allows)

Dr. Cindy Johnson
Temperament and Trauma

Five different temperaments will be discussed. There is a correlation between one’s temperament and how trauma may be processed. CMM College of Theology is licensed to administer the Arno Temperament Questionnaire. The cost for the profile is $55.00. This is included in the webinar fee.

Dinner break 4-5:30 PM

Panel Discussion Q&A and Testimonies
Robin and Phyllis Primrose, Nancy Nichols, Drs Paul and Cindy Johnson