What students say


1.      Study the Word of God: We encourage students to engage with Holy Spirit the Revealer to gain a heart of wisdom, revelation and to better understand the character of God which can help shape the character of the student.

OUTCOME: We see students transformed in their hearts as they write what speaks to them.

2.     Look to Jesus and honor those who have gone before us: The Body of Christ has a great amount of teaching and information available. Many well-known and little-known scholars who have gone before us have dug wells of revelation that we are still drinking from today. One of CMM College of Theology’s goals is to understand and taste of those wells and not negate their importance to the contribution they have made to humanity and the Body of Christ. We encourage students to analyze information, with Holy Spirit against the Word of God so that graduates are not afraid to face hard questions, schools of thought or ideas outside their comfort zone. We believe that critical thinking with Holy Spirit is crucial in these times. We then encourage students to dig their own well of revelation in a safe environment, to help them find their contribution to the Kingdom that was set before the foundations of the earth.

OUTCOME: We see students transformed in their understanding and knowledge as they compare what the Bible says and what scholars say.

3.     Friendship Learning/Discussions: Our students study and prepare for class. They invest and then share during class discussions. This is actually a classical Hebrew type of learning called Chavrusa, also spelled chavruta or havruta (Aramaic: חַבְרוּתָא, lit. “friendship” or “companionship”).

Chavrusa-style learning puts each student in the position to analyze the text, organize thoughts into logical arguments, explain reasoning, hear the other students and question and sharpen each other’s ideas, often arriving at entirely new insights into the meaning of the text.1

Our trained instructors facilitate discussions with Holy Spirit to encourage students to clarify their thought process, we don’t tell them what to think!

OUTCOME: We see students transformed by wisdom as they hear others and grow from experience.

4.     Discovering your own path to a fruitful, successful life: Many students come to our school hungry to seek out their purpose, to ‘walk out their salvation, and live in the fullness, that the Bible says is ours. We help students discover the path the Lord designed for them as we take these students into the throne room while learning to hear the Holy Spirit and grow in discernment.

OUTCOME: We see students transformed by counsel as they allow the fullness of the process to lead them to the destiny of good works prepared for ahead of time. (Eph. 2:10)


1. Taken from Ann Spangler and Lois Tverberg, Sitting at the Feet of Rabbi Jesus: How the Jewishness of Jesus Can Transform Your Faith (Grand Rapids, MI: Zondervan, 2009), 33.