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CMM College of Theology strives to pioneer transformational theological ministry training with revelatory study in a hybrid classroom setting. The School of Theology aims to teach fundamental truths of the faith with revelation that prepares students to disciple the world in Spirit and Truth with the POWER of the Gospel, reconciling the world back to the Father.

CMM College of Theology is a global school in and of itself. We have expanded to include different languages within their own cultures. See our locations and excellent schools and meet the leaders you will want to know for eternity!.

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  • “From the head to the heart and into the world.”

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    Brief Look at CMM Theology

    1. Study the Word of God: We encourage students to engage with Holy Spirit the Revealer to gain a heart of wisdom, revelation and to better understand the character of God, which can help shape the character of the student
    2. Look to Jesus, Yeshua, the Word, and honor those who have gone before us: The Bible is the Word of God. Many well-known and little-known scholars who have gone before us have dug wells of revelation that we are still drinking from today.
    3. Friendship Learning/Discussions: Our students study and prepare for class. They invest and then share during class discussions. This style of learning is a classical Hebrew type of learning called Chavrusa, also spelled chavruta or hehavruta (Aramaic: אָ ותּרְ בַ ח ,lit. “friendship” or “companionship”).
    4. Discovering your path to a fruitful, victorious life: Many students come to our school hungry to seek out their purpose, to ‘walk out their salvation, and live in the fullness, that the Bible says is ours. Students discover the path the Lord designed and we point the way for students to find the throne room while learning to hear the Holy Spirit and grow in discernment.


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    CMM College of Theology PO Box 7705, Charlotte, NC 28241 Office: 704-909-0623 FAX-1-888-816-0725 Click here to contact us